Satisfaction survey programs

As a young real estate company there’s a lot to learn from all the efforts to change the image of the city in the last few years.

As ABC Investments we especially care to know more from dwellers that witnessed the transformation because any real estate business takes in good consideration clients’ satisfaction.

What factors influence clients to choose the company? Do recent developments meet clients’ expectations? How do clients describe the transformation? Are clients interested in being in the market for other services?

ABC Continuity is designed to gather information about clients’ experience. The broadcasting knows what clients want, and makes sure that the project is reaching out to them exactly as it was expected to.

Continuity Programs provides satisfaction reports based on the client feedback, and provides the company with an overview of how clients perceive the changes.

The channel broadcast 24 hours per month on IKSV.

Live from Elukulus November 15th 2014
Live from Işabalrat November 21th 2014

We care about our customers. They care about our shows.


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