Capital and resident alliance
with Y&S

Meta is a branding agency that specializes in the field of urban management, collaborating with international real estate corporations that wish to optimize their public image. Having acquired vast experience in contemporary European real estate strategies (it’s latest task to be in the city of Athens, Greece), Meta is among the most prestigious companies in its field.

The collaboration between ABC and Meta consists in the formation of a NGO, namely CARA (capital and resident alliance), addressing residents, ABC employees, future buyers and whoever feels the need to responsively and actively intervene in the city. It is an open platform which facilitates communication, action and reflection, between inhabitants and ABC, whose common goal is the protection and the development of the neighbourhood. Real estate is fighting together with the people for a safe, beautiful, civilized and clean neighborhood. Eventually, the neighborhood will be able to welcome corporate investments that will contribute to the work initiated by the people.

CARA’s objective is to highlight ABC’s social and cultural awareness via conducting relations between ABC and the citizens.

The key factor for any effective investment is a friendly facet.


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