Eastern earning opportunities


Among visitors from all corners of the world, Arab tourists, in particular, flock to Turkey in staggering numbers. The ever-increasing popularity of Turkish soap operas and Turkey’s more affordable prices as compared to rival Dubai contribute to a large influx of Arab tourists.

Visitors also claim to feel more at ease in Turkey, a majority Muslim country, than at some Western tourist destinations.

Apart from tourists, Nowadays Istanbul started to attract a constantly mayor flux of Arab immigrants searching for a brighter future.

Unfortunately these newly settled Arabs aren’t grabbing their piece of the Turkish real estate cake, as they seem to prefer ephemeral housing solutions along the highways.

Based on their potential relevancy in the future market, ABC Investments is highly interested in agents willing to manage a Syrian plan and eager to learn more about their business strategies.

Worried of the potential harmful impact, ABC demands highly conscious methodologies which would preserve the integrity of the refugees’ business strategies.


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