Here you can chose your –ism based on an incredibly wide choice of object-words. As the shelves are daily refilled they are inextinguishable. No word will be repeated. Your -ism will be absolutely unique and new.
There was a time when innovators were those going against the rules. Nowadays you don’t need to fight for radical change any longer because even creativity and rupture is foreseen. You can be original without breaking the rules. Your manifesto doesn’t need to break with the tradition anymore.
Status quo is the new new.
All the messages are nothing more than a confirmation of what already exist.

Here you can choose the template that catches more your attention.
Explore our manifestos’ archive organized by size, color and overall style,
in an easy and understandable way.
Everything can be said, was said or will be said. Nothing really surprises anymore.
Give uniqueness and fame to your manifesto.
Pick a style, copy from the past and let it shine!

Take the test to understand what you really hate and find your right enemy.
Acknowledge that your point of view is equal to the one of the others and your manifesto is just as original and new as the others.
To be noticed you have to stand out: React! Show yourself as different.
Learn to see the other as an enemy and to see your enemy as inferior.


Once you choose your enemy, train your hate and test your harsh level. Stare and cry out all of your rage.
Exercise to forget your similarities with the others.
Be loud. Disturb the other customers and let your self-esteem grow. Your present weakness will become your future strength.

Words and theories are useless without action. It’s time to choose your motion among the innumerable available. Let the images flow and choose the action that attracts you more.
You don’t need to think, it doesn’t really matter what you are going to do, but that you are doing it.
Choose your move!


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