A brand new smell for a beautiful neighborhood
with NEROLE’

This revealing plan will change forever Istanbul’s real estate market.

Fikirtepe has a rather bad reputation due to its shabby look and, arguably, because of its persisting folk smell.

Thanks to its advantageous location near the center of Kadıköy, 50.000 housing projects are expected to be built in the next three years. Although demolitions started over 2 years ago, our business analyst are still waiting for a substantial transformation.

As traditional strategies are too slow, it’s time to rethink real estate strategies in order to boost an actual redevelopment.

ABC investments thinks that odour it’s the new boom.

What for long time has been considered a secondary rating factor will become the future of real estate market. All the least acceptable smells present in the area are currently being analyzed by our perfume experts and will soon be transformed into luxurious fragrances which will keep local peculiarities transformed into trendy odors.

From inquiry to reality. Express redevelopment has never been so intense.


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