A cultural landmark towards an urban monopoly

Future is Garbage. Garbage is Money. The use of trash has an underestimated real estate business value as a physical element of construction. Nowadays people usually do not bother with the garbage they generate, as all its wealth is in the hands of few free-lance traders. Changing this thinking is crucial.

ABC investments aims at the creation of an unprecedented power to shape the market and change the way the entire industry operate. Discouraging informal traders’ entrepreneurship, ABC investments intends to become the city first professional trash monopolist.

The first investment points at gathering the entire city garbage in a single site where junk itself will be overprized. A financial breakdown for all the middle traders currently speculating on the informal collectors is expected.

The collected garbage will later be used to build a monumental structure with the creativity of its own workers in order to divert their attention from the financial loss. Once the building will be completed and after having been bought out by professional ABC traders, the Informal Recycler will work on the bottom of the building conceived as a factory, recycling, cleaning and selecting waste.

Revolutions start from business plans.


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